Sunday, May 1, 2016

Bye Bye Blackbird

Pack up all my care and woe
Here I go, singing low
Bye-bye, blackbird

Where somebody waits for me
Sugar's sweet and so is he
Bye, bye blackbird

No one here can love and understand me
Oh, what hard-luck stories they all hand me
Make my bed, light the light, I'll arrive late
Blackbird, toot-a-lou

["Bye Bye Blackbird" was first published in 1926 by Ray Henderson and Mort Dixon.  It has been performed by numerous artists, such as Joe Cocker, Julie London, and most notably, Ms. Ella Fitzgerald.]


joo said...

I love them singing, and of course I love Ella Fitzgerald! Lovely photo, by the way:)
Have a great week ahead!

Linda said...

Firstly, I love that old song "Bye Bye Blackbird". Lovely capture of the bird. Your header is absolutely stunning!