Thursday, November 27, 2014

The Evening Star

There are a couple of Evening Star boats. Docked at Lake Sumter Landing they provide relatively brief excursions around little Lake Sumter.

The kind of ride you get depends upon who is your captain. One time our captain regaled us with tales of his excursions on other lakes and rivers in central Florida.  But most of what he said was "horse hockey."

During the summertime, the people running this operation are in danger of dying from boredom or
contracting carpal tunnel syndrome from playing with their smart phones. It's too hot to go out on the lake and the folks who live year-round in The Villages don't give a flip about a 10-minute cruise on Lake Sumter to begin with.

But during the winter, when the snowbirds return and people come to visit in order to escape the snow and ice and cold weather of the northland, the Evening Star boats get quite a workout.

If you have a devious mind you might wonder if the Evening Star could serve as an escape route for a felon or someone being chased by an angry spouse. I don't think so. The boats are pretty slow. By the time you got to the other side of the lake the local county sheriff would be waiting to greet you!

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Tribute bench - Spanish Springs

McLinBurnsed - Attorneys At Law

Business facade in the new "hometown" of Brownwood, The Villages.  The photo was taken about a year ago.