Monday, April 13, 2015

Golf Car Sales & Service - Lake Sumter Landing

This is a relatively new facility. They sell golf cars, gas 'em and fix 'em. Lest you think this is kind of ridiculous, you should know that transportation by golf car is the way to go in The Villages. There are so many people moving to The Villages that not only are the roads jammed with "normal" vehicles but also with golf cars! And the distances can be a challenge so more and more folks are buying gas-powered golf cars.

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Golf Car Meeting

When we arrived in Lake Sumter Landing the other evening, we saw all these golf cars lined up in a parking lot. If you click on the photo to embiggen it, you'll notice they are all have basically the same frame or outward appearance. The owners of these golf cars were gathered together listening to a speaker. Shortly thereafter, they went to their golf cars and departed the scene. Where they went, nobody knows. (BTW, these are fairly expensive vehicles!)