Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Market Square at dusk - Lake Sumter Landing


cieldequimper said...

Do they sell worms? :-)

joo said...

The magic hour! I love this light.
As for the Berlin it's been very popular recently to organize these beaches in many big cities in Europe, and I must say it looks nice:)

PerthDailyPhoto said...

That little golf cart look like it's fairly zipping along there Lowell. Your Sumter Landing looks like a very appealing place to live from your images.

We love LUNA said...

Beautiful scenery, I think people in that golf cart have already finished their match!
** mammy Léia did a post with your poem "Waiting for the Sun"and I'm so happy, because your words always bring love and hope ( in portuguese language "esperança") to my heart.
The weather is still awfull,but I'm near mammy, cuddle in my pink blanket , enjoying blog friends and then...I will take a peaceful nap!
Life is good!!!!
Maybe tomorrow I will see the sun shining!Thanks for your beautiful poem!
purrs, love to all family there

Animesh said...

Really great atmosphere