Sunday, January 23, 2011

TooJays in Spanish Springs

As regular followers of this blog know, TooJays is our favorite deli in central Florida. There are two TooJays in The Villages - one in Lake Sumter Landing, and the other in Spanish Springs.

We visited the Spanish Springs site a couple of days ago and happened to meet the gentleman you see pictured. He is Dirson DeMesquita, the Regional Supervisor for TooJays, who works out of the corporate office in West Palm Beach.

Mr. DeMesquita graciously agreed to pose for us and we then proceeded to enjoy the culinary arts as crafted so well by the staff at TooJays.

Some of you may recognize the second photo as one we posted many moons ago...but we like it, so we decided to post it again.


Small City Scenes said...

It says 'The Finest' and I believe it. So what do you usually have when you are there? Breakfast, lunch or dinner? MB

amatamari© said...

Today I had the illumination!
I looked at pictures of your blog and saw that every shot is like a piece of a puzzle, a description of the location, colors and shapes of nature, portraits of people, moments of life, details of a painting and everything runs like frames of a film ...
A great work dear friend, you are a real photoreporter!
Thanks for sharing! A hug!

cieldequimper said...

Still sounds as cool as it looks! Nice portrait too.

Anonymous said...

I hope these businesses are paying you for all the advertising you do for them there in Florida! LoL! =)

Rose said...

I am with MB--what did you guys have to eat--details please.

Jacob said...

The question was posed by some people as to what we had to eat: Lois Anne, as I recall, had a veggie quesadilla, and I had a shrimp salad sandwich with French fries. I think Lois stole some of my French fries when I wasn't looking! She had a diet Pepsi to drink and I drank unsweetened ice tea.

Not too exciting!