Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Sales Office - Lake Sumter Landing


Dawn said...

Love the lines of white against the brilliant blue!

cieldequimper said...

I take it that's where you can buy yourself a nice property? It's very inviting!

joo said...

It's a beautiful building!

Jack said...

Hi, Jacob. It looks grand. Where do I sign up?

I'm playing golf tomorrow, too. First time in a month. I think the club is making the other golfers wear football helmets for protection.

No, I don't have a Mac, but when my laptops wear out, I might give a Mac Airbook a look.

80 is certainly the new 60 if you work at it. Just like 60 is the new 40, which is my guiding principle for now. Stay active, stay in touch with friends, have interests and a purpose, and go to the fitness center.

Be well in 2011, Jacob.

Small City Scenes said...

Information, eh? I have just about had my fill of information for now. whew!!! MB