Monday, October 18, 2010

Round and round we go

This beautiful little bench is located in the "garden" area of what was Lake Sumter Landing's Veranda restaurant. The bench is still there, but the Veranda is gone. In the same building where the Veranda was located will be a Panera Bread. Yeah!


Lynette said...

All of these recent photos and posts are so good, such great variety and reflections and light--thanks!

Small City Scenes said...

The bench is nice or just interesting. For some reason I am not a bread eater so just let me know how wonderful Panera Bread is. MB

VP said...

You are keeping the best for yourself, Jacob!

joo said...

Oh, it's a lovely bench Jacob!

Cezar and Léia said...

Stunning picture!This iron romantic bench is beautiful!Imagine a couple there chatting or reading poems, or maybe some cute kids playing around the bench!It's brilliant!

*** thanks so much for your gentle comment, I would love to visit "Bagelicious for a nice breakfast", thanks!
Nancy is a really charming city.Ít's not far away from here and we had visited there for a day trip on a sunny Sunday last month.
By train, it is on the way between Strasbourg (1h30 away) and Paris
(only 1h30 away now that we have TGV Est Européen), maybe 3:30 by car from Paris to Nancy.I'm preparing more post about Nancy because the city is very photogenic! :)