Thursday, April 30, 2009

Spanish Springs Golf Cart series - Set 2

We sat on a corner for a long time taking photos of golf carts as they came around the square in Spanish Springs...many of them carried'll see more of these tomorrow.

The other photos are random shots of various areas around the town square.


joo said...

Jacob, I've falen in love with these little carts! Wow, really want one:)
The photo of the lady with her dog is sooo funny! Thank you. Have a nice weekend.

m_m said...

They are so funny and sweet to me:)

roentarre said...

The town and the carts make the images very interesting

I am quite impressed by the first image.

Juergen Kuehn said...

The first one is a very nice snap-shot, Jacob. The tight mimic of the driver is clearly visible.

Q: makes me want desperately to walk up those stairs to see what's beyond!
A: This is the way up to the University Church and the Old Town.

Missy said...

Oh nice shot of the dog sitting inside the go cart :-) Magnificent shots, I like them all, so vivid.

Lisa Wilson said...

I've never seen so many golf carts!! Looks like the place to be for retirement.

Cezar and Léia said...

This place seems a city!
Very busy as well!
Fabulous pictures!
Many thanks for sharing this great LIFE !
I would like to see a Golf round some day!
Did you play it?

Jacob said...

@ Leia - Yes, I played golf most days up until a few years ago...I think I burned out. Maybe I'll take it up again in the's a great sport, but is time consuming.