Saturday, April 25, 2009

Georgia in Spanish Springs

Georgia works at the Spanish Springs Transportation Office of an airport shuttle service. She graciously consented to having her picture taken and we were impressed with her kindness and sense of humor.

The building has been designed to look like a train station and has the accouterments of such, but alas, no trains ride the rails into Spanish Springs.

The photo of the train was taken by Lois Anne.


cieldequimper said...

Georgia looks extremely welcoming! The building is lovely!

Anonymous said...

These photos are nice and the blog layout is too. I like what you have done and enjoyed this post, especially.

Cezar and Léia said...

She looks so nice and she has a beautiful smile!

Lovely pictures, this place is a good idea for the weekend!

Diba said...

Nice building with beautiful color.

Juergen Kuehn said...

One of the finest and dapper little stations I saw - and I travel often and with pleasure by train.